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While ridematch and rideshare services were born out of the carpooling movement that was an effort to conserve on gas consumption during the Second World War, they've not been without their share of controversy. In addition to some ridematch drivers being charged with major offenses, a group of irate taxi drivers have staged protests at City Hall in Edmonton and barricaded some busy streets in Toronto, in an attempt to stop Uber from violating local transportation bylaws. Bylaws which prohibit them from operating without the same sort of license and insurance which cabbies are required to have. But regardless of Uber's, Lyft's, and Sidecar's legal shortcomings, a significant number of people still prefer to use this alternative to taking a cab, either out of a simple lifestyle choice, or because the mobile app allows them to see who the driver is that will be picking them up as well as their driving stats. So in spite of the obstacles that this peer to peer network has had to overcome it appears that this is one business model which is here to stay.